Tuesday, May 18, 2010



ADRIAN PASDAR: Well now. The end of a run. I imagine NBC will request a wrap up for the series in the form of a two hour special. It's an opportunity for a bit of salvation, as it were. In point of fact, that should be the title of the final chapter! At any rate, I thank you all for the tremendous support over over the years. I am thrilled to have been a part of Heroes, it's ups and downs, and all the lives of all the folks involved who made it their job to bring the show to life week in and week out. I take a bow, and salute all the fans as well. It was a helluva a ride.

GREG GRUNBERG: "Gettin' calls from Cast & Crew. An amazing group I was fortunate enough to work w/ on #Heroes. 4 great seasons. 100s of friends 4 life."

MILO VENTIMIGLIA: Spoke of his thoughts of Heroes Cancellation exclusively on The Gary & Dino Show #7.

JIMMY JEAN-LUIS: "Sad news about HEROES .. The Haitian will always be around but you won't realize... he will make you forget."

BREA GRANT: thanks to everyone for their nice words about heroes. it was one of the greatest times of my life. i was so lucky to be a part of it.

RAY PARK: I'm really sad about Heroes! I am fan of the show and I was very lucky to work on the show. It's a shame! Thx 4 all ur supportxoxox

CRIS ROSE: Thank u 4 watching us & caring about the show. You added 2 the fun & excitement of the "event" that was HEROES!

the road ahead...yesterday nbc announced that heroes is officially cancelled. as much as we have been aware of this possibility for a few weeks - it remains surreal to consider that the decision has been made. the action has been taken. and this chapter (or volume) is really over for all of us who worked on the show - and for all of you who watched it. i want to extend myself in a huge swell of gratitude to all of the fans. for investing in the stories we told. for engaging in the characters we created. and for standing by us through all the ups and downs of what was at times a rocky road. your commitment enriched the experience for all of us - and i know that we will always be grateful for your enthusiasm. it has been a true honor to share this time in my life with my amazing cast mates and our indomitable crew. i will certainly miss them most of all. the gift of working alongside such talented and inspiring people is something i will carry with me everywhere i go from here. and no matter where my work and my life take me - i will forever look back on heroes as the game changer. tim kring and the original creative team and writing staff took a risk on me to play gabriel gray when there was no reason to risk - besides their belief in me. they gave voice to a character that has challenged me and rewarded me beyond my wildest imagination. i will never forget that. it is humbling and deeply moving. so i thank them. and i thank you. and i assure you that while this door has closed - and as cliché as it sounds - others are flying open even as we speak. this is only the beginning in so many ways. and i hope that the fans i have made through this profound experience will follow me into many new and unchartered territories. i think the sarmy should lead the charge... it's only fitting after all. thanks for your many well wishes and for your loyalty. let us move on with gratitude. that is exactly what i intend to do. zq.

SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY: For the fans: Just wanted to say thank you to all the fans who stuck by the show through good times and bad. It has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. The opportunity to work with this amazing cast and crew is something I will always cherish. I hope we get to wrap up the stories for you at some point. I hope to share some of my father's research with you one more time...for old times sake. You guys are the best. Thanks for watching and all good things to you and yours. -Sendhil

ALI LARTER: Heroes started as a story about ordinary people that tapped into the dreams and fears in all of us. It made us believe, and it inspired and entertained us on so many levels. I remember reading the pilot, and you just new it was something special. Being so drawn to Nikki... She felt so bare and daring at the same time. I felt so lucky to work with such a talented cast and crew. They always cared about the work, and always wanted to make an environment where we could soar creatively. Heroes pushed me, challenged me, and gave me some of the greatest rewards in my life. Friends and memories that I will cherish forever. There is one reason that we had that chance, and it is because of the undying support of out true fans. For that, I am forever grateful. xx, Ali

JACK COLEMAN: Three years ago at the apex of Heroes' popularity, we spoke on a panel and someone tried to get Milo to make a bold statement about the show's world-conquering popularity. Milo wouldn't be baited. Instead, he said, essentially, "All shows get cancelled. Ours will too." No fool, Milo.

I'd like to say farewell to you, the loyal fans ofHeroes. You guys have been the best, most invested fans I've ever seen. I'm not just blowing smoke - it's too late for that. The show's not coming back and I have a hard time seeing how the movie event would come together.

I believe the intention to make the movie is there, but there are so many moving parts. Once there is an approved script, they will have to wrangle the cast from far-flung corners of the globe, make deals with everyone and free up those who are under contract to other shows, movies or plays. No one is under contract to Heroes anymore, so no one is obligated. This seems to be a recipe for disintegration. But I would be happy to be wrong.

I just want to say what an amazing adventure it has been. If someone had told me on the day I went to the audition for the Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses, with one page of dialogue for a guest spot on the pilot, that in four years time I would receive a phone call (actually a text from Wendi) telling me that Heroes, my series, was being cancelled, I would have done cartwheels across the Universal back lot.

Four years later, prepared for the news, it still comes as a shock.

And now, I say so long to my comrades. So many memories...

Speaking Japanese, burned in a house, drowned in a car, shot in the eye.

Meeting Hayden on the pilot. "Hello, Daddy," she says.

Coffee with Sendhil downtown while shooting the pilot. "Your show is going to be a hit," I told him. I didn't know I was talking about my show, too.

Greg Beeman, first day back, telling me, "When in doubt, you know everything."

Allan Arkush, second episode, telling me, "As soon as Claire leaves the room, let's see the curtain drop and the hardened operative come back."

Zach, in his trailer on his first day. Slight and smart with a real presence. He's going to be good, I thought.

Hayden and Jimmy on the bridge, with the whipping wind and the squibs and Hayden's heartbreaking sobs.

Ashley, staring at Hayden with tears and wonder in her eyes, whispering, "I can't pretend it's the same world it was yesterday."

Grunny, Matt Armstrong and I on our cross-country drive, wrapped in coats and scarves as the FX ice melts, along with us, in the 90-degree heat.

Seven thousand screaming fans at a record store in Paris. Adrian turning to me and saying, "Not bad for a couple of old war horses."

Adrian, Milo, Hayden and I in London at the end of the world tour, eating Yak face (not really, but close) at a restaurant of Adrian's choosing, exhausted and laughing uncontrollably.

Buying Lori perfume in London, changing the beauty product gift ratio from 1,000 to 0 to 1,000 to 1.

Drenching Kristen Bell with the kitchen faucet as she electrocutes herself. "Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?"

Zach and I singing Simon & Garfunkel and then beating the snot out of each other.

Wendi, after another 16-hour day, coming in early to clean the espresso machine for Adrian and me.

Ali bursting into the sunken trailer and, with the cameras rolling, grabbing me by my collar, shaking me and crying, "Jack, Jack, wake up!" and then bursting into laughter when she realizes she's called me by my real name.

Three days of uncontrollable giggling in a motel room with Sendhil, Greg and Milo when I exclaim in Japanese something that has the unfortunate effect of sounding like, "He's a tiny human Oka!" Masi bears the brunt of my wretched pronunciation for weeks.

Love and gratitude to:

Tim, the sine qua non, who conceived the show and the character and sent me the nicest email I've ever received after "Company Man."

Dennis, who always had my back and always helped me forward.

Bryan, who did so much to develop the character of HRG.

Jason and Natalie, who have always thought of me when casting.

James Props (he does have an actual last name: Clark), keeper of the HRGs, whose humor and love for the show were homing beacons when things felt bleak.

The writers/producers (Adam, Kay, Joe, Aron, Jeph, Jesse, Rob, Mark, Allan, Jim, et al).

The talented actors (Cris, James, Santiago, Leonard, Tawny, Dania, Malcolm, Robert K., Robert F., Chris, Eric, George, Zeljko, Ray, Lis, Jimmy Jean-Louis (my Haitian hero)... I'm neglecting many; forgive me.

Our crew. No one worked harder.

To my wonderful castmates:

As I wrote to them earlier, our bond was real and rare and the fans felt it. And it made them love the show all the more.

Which brings me back to you. Thank you for watching. Thank you for caring. Thank you for taking this journey with us. I am so appreciative. Until we meet again...

All my best,


JAMES KYSON LEE: I'll comment more Heroes in a blog. Meanwhile, much love & thanks to the fans & our team for the 4 years. Onward to a new chapter...